We are a Chicago security company that provides professional advanced security and armed security in Chicago, Illinois.

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Emergency Security Services

We train each of our guards in CPR and other life-saving methods to protect and preserve life in any situation.

Cannabis Dispensary

Our guards can keep watch over your dispensary and perform all necessary access control duties, from checking IDs to discouraging potential thieves and vandalism.

Armed Security

Our guards are prepared to act with the proper amount of force for any given situation.


Hire a friendly and helpful guard to work with the public, provide routine patrols, and man the guard shack. Our expertise can keep personnel and property safe at all times.

Concierge Services

Our guards can help the public and perform guard shack duties for the highest levels of safety and protection.

Transportation Security

Our guards can provide maritime, aviation, road, and rail safety to meet your needs and budget while remaining compliant with all regulations and safety standards.

Community Security 

Get the armed or unarmed protection services you need to keep anything safe, be it people, places, or things.

Worship Facility Protection 

Get armed guards for your church, mosque, or synagogue so you and your congregation can worship in peace.

Party Bus Security

For your next party bus event, hire an experienced guard to keep all occupants safe and secure without curbing on any of the fun.

Building Protection 

We offer vehicle patrol and foot patrol security for reliable protection and your peace of mind. 

Fire Guard Watch

The risk of fire is always a possibility. As fire guard watch, our personnel can help you plan for emergencies, alert the authorities and assist with evacuations for your peace of mind.

Protect your assets or person with bodyguards, building security guards, and 24/7 vehicle patrols.

Tribe Security is the only Native American owned and operated security company in Chicago, Illinois. Individuals and businesses regularly turn to us for armed and tactical security services to protect what matters most. From asset and family protection to bodyguards and event Safety services, our trained professionals can do it all while driven by trust and integrity every step of the way.

Why Choose Our Security Services?


Our guards are chosen by their desire to maintain pure professionalism and strict service protocols to ensure the absolute protection of your most valuables. Our guards arrive on-time and in uniform and can be armed, unarmed, patrolling in a vehicle, or on foot, according to your preferences.

Whether you have placed a building or asset in our charge, or you require bodyguard services to keep you safe at all times, our guards never take their responsibilities lightly. You can guarantee the best services at the most reasonable prices for your ultimate peace of mind.
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Trained Security for all Protections Scenarios

Armed or Unarmed

Choose the level of protection you need, and our personnel will arrive prepared to protect and act when required. Our guards are trained in the use of various weapons and tools in order to deliver premium protection you deserve.

Uniformed Security

Your security can show up in a guard’s uniform or dark suit, whichever you prefer. Tell us your preferences and our services will arrive on-duty, on-time, and dressed appropriately for your absolute protection.

Foot & Vehicle Patrols

We use security vehicles like cars and SUVs that are designed to look like police issued automobiles. We can scan the perimeter of buildings and report back with all findings for professional and transparent safety services for the protection of buildings, people, and other valuables.

Construction Sites

Keep your construction site and workers secure morning, noon, and night. We can ensure that your construction project proceeds as planned without risk of theft, crime, or vandalism.

Crime & Vandalism Deterrents

Many times, the mere presence of our armed guards can be enough to keep criminals and vandals away from your property and assets. That makes our services a wise investment for property owners and those with valuable assets who need vital safety protection.

Event Security

We can help with event safety planning and its execution to ensure all event personnel and attendees are kept safe at all times. We can monitor entrances and exits and perform ongoing safety sweeps to ensure your events proceed without issue every time.

Car Dealerships

Keep criminals and vandals off your vehicle lot and keep your inventory protected at all times, even after hours. When it comes to car dealership safety, we understand how even a single scratch or missing vehicle can harm your bottom line. We think of your assets as our assets, and your complete line of premium automobiles is no different in the eyes of our professional team.

Asset & Building Security

From staffing the lobby front desk to performing exterior patrols, our personnel will ensure your high-value assets are under constant watch. We have worked with all types of belongings, individuals, and businesses, which means we are ready to protect whatever you need for your complete satisfaction.

Bodyguard Protection

For executives, celebrities, and those who need armed protection inside and outside the city limits, Tribe Security offers a line of highly-trained bodyguards. We can work in single locations or during transport from A to B. With our trained guards keeping a watchful eye over your personal protection, you never have to worry about a thing.
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See what our clients are saying about us

We hired Tribe Security when we came to Chicago for a promotional event for the 50th anniversary of the American Basketball Association. David and his staff did an excellent job before, during, and after our event. We had a great time. Very professional from initial communication to execution.

Antjuan Washington

CEO Media & Entertainment, American Basketball Association

I always call Tribe Security whenever I’m in the Greater Chicago area. David and Tribe Security always take care of us.

Brian Collins

CEO, Royal Heir Entertainment

Great company. Very reliable. Dedicated to doing the job correctly and safely.

Dan K

Very professional and under great management.

Kurt C

Great company to work for, security provided is top notch. I highly recommend Tribe Security Inc. for any of your upcoming events.

Chris C

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Turn to our safety services when you want trained and tactical guards for the total protection of your assets, building, personnel, and anything else of supreme value.

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When you need safety guard services in Chicago, Illinois, your first choice should be Tribe Security. We have experience protecting apartment buildings, performing exterior perimeter detail, and protecting individuals and business executives with trained bodyguard services. 

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