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Tribe Security is the premier bodyguard agency in the greater Chicago area. We specialize in VIP, Celebrity, private guards and Personal bodyguard, limo bodyguard service for your ultimate protection, and peace of mind.

24/7 Security Services

Do you need private security, private guards, and personal security?

Whether you live in the Chicago area or you are visiting from out of town, you require a bodyguard that will have your best interests in mind. Are you going to be signing autographs or otherwise dealing with the public? You shouldn’t have to be looking over your shoulder every two seconds. Instead, leave the risk assessment and personal security services to the experts.

Tribe Security only staffs the most reliable and highly trained personal security personnel. We have worked with celebrities, musicians, sports stars, politicians, and executive officers. You can remain confident that our armed security personnel will keep a watchful eye on your person and any assets you want to be protected for your ultimate satisfaction.

Bodyguard Security Experts at Your Service

Our tactical team of bodyguard security professionals can:

Perform sweeps of meeting places:

We show up early so you don’t have to. We can assess potential threats, interview key people, and keep you safe at every turn.

Transport executives to business locations:

We supply both armored and unarmored vehicles to carry you safely from a meeting or business locales. Keep your mind on matters of importance and leave your ultimate safety to our trained bodyguard personnel.

Check vehicles for explosives:

We can provide high-tech and K9 sweeps of essential vehicles to check for homemade or professional bombs. We keep you safe at every turn, just like a bodyguard should.

Keep a watchful eye for potential attackers:

You never know when an attacker may surprise you, especially in a crowd full of people. Our bodyguards are experts at gauging the intent of all people in a given area, providing you with an ultimate sense of security.

Provide protection while traveling:

Are you traveling from the Chicagoland area to another area or vice versa? Our bodyguards will ensure your complete protection while in transit. This includes luggage checks, hotel sweeps, and other services to keep you protected from all threats and attacks.

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Our Bodyguards Keep You Safe

The most important aspect of bodyguard security is ensuring the asset in our care is aware of all potential threats. Our security guards will keep you updated on all threat assessments with complete transparency. You will also be provided with detailed reports that list all occurrences and actions that were taken on the days we provided bodyguard services to you.

We Conduct Thorough Area Assessments

Whether we are providing you with transportation security services or foot patrol bodyguard services, you can relax knowing that all areas are thoroughly checked for potential danger. Our security guards are trained to sniff out threats and danger from people, places, and things. If there is a danger, our guards can act quickly to carry you to safety without damage to you or any assets you also want to be protected.

Get Reliable & Safe Security Transportation and Patrolling Car

We can provide you fortified security vehicles, both armored and unarmored, that will keep you safe while conveying a level of authority. Each of our guards maintains the strictest levels of professionalism and is trained to operate vehicles in everyday and emergency situations.

Get the Services of Uniformed or Professionally Dressed Bodyguards

Want uniformed security or security guards dressed professionally? When you with Tribe Security, you’re in charge. Your bodyguards will arrive in the proper attire and armed appropriately. The best bodyguards blend with the background, but they can also be visible to keep the threat of injury or attack at bay. You tell us what type of bodyguard services you want, and our guards will ensure your complete protection.

Tribe Security Offers the Best Chicagoland Security Guards

The next time you need bodyguard services, remember the name Tribe Security. We are Native American owned and strive to provide the most experienced and highly trained bodyguards that can be found in Chicago or beyond. Our security guards are thoroughly vetted, properly trained, and experienced in law enforcement, military, or private security. That means you are getting the services of tactical and armed security guards who are ready to act with the appropriate levels of force the moment danger is present.

Get Ultimate Protection from Any Potential Threat

We believe staunchly in proper planning and preparations to deliver reliable and trustworthy bodyguard security services. Tell us your schedule and we can provide you with a detailed plan of action that will keep you safe on your route from beginning to end.

Do you plan to make stops at various locations? We can arrive ahead of time to ensure total safety and to keep your day-to-day free of all danger. It is important during this time never to leave anything to chance. Our guards are proactive so that you never have to worry about your protection or the safety of your assets.

Bodyguards Ready to Act with Force

Our armed or unarmed security guards are trained to act in the face the slightest threat. Our goal is to ensure that all threats are minimized without the use of force, if possible. If the use of force is necessary, they will take action while remaining cognizant of collateral damage. All of our bodyguard security professionals possess unique skills that allow them to adapt and react to any situation, with the least violent outcome the most desired scenario.

Protect Against Threats with Experienced Chicago Bodyguards 

Chicago natives and visitors alike, Tribe Security offers personal protection and VIP bodyguard services that will make you feel like you have a key to the city. We want you to be at ease while our security team assesses and acts against all potential threats for a security service experience you deserve.