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As a professional licensed security company in Chicago, IL, we have provided answers to some common questions you may have in regard to our security services. Hopefully, you’ll find the answers you are looking for. In case the list doesn’t include any of your questions, you should feel free to give our office a quick call for further details or explanation.

How quickly can I expect your service to begin?2024-02-22T08:08:31+00:00

We operate in the greater Chicago area. If you need to have one or more security guards at your location, property or a venue where you have organized an event, give our office a quick call 24 hours in advance. After receiving your call, we strive to offer you help as quickly as we can. We understand that the need for security is an important one and it requires immediate response.

Are your security guards well-trained?2024-02-22T08:08:36+00:00

All our security guards are professionally trained. Each of them has to complete the basic security course as well as the in-house training program before they are inducted into service at Tribe Security.

Do you conduct background checks on your security guards?2024-02-22T08:08:41+00:00

The vetting process we use is a tough one. We are in the business of providing safety and security. We conduct extensive background checks to verify all the details provided by applicants. There are various aspects that we look into. Apart from checking their educational qualification, employment history, we most importantly examine their criminal history. The purpose of these background checks is to choose the best candidates for the job.

Is Tribe Security a licensed security company?2024-02-22T08:08:47+00:00

Yes, Tribe Security is not a traditional rent-a-guard service. We are a licensed security and bonded with an unwavering commitment to serving the security needs of clients and businesses in Chicago. Our decades of experience enables us to successfully handle the modern-day security needs.

What does your full range of your services include?2024-02-22T08:08:51+00:00

We offer a full spectrum of security services to suit the needs of a wide range of clients and for all protection scenarios. Whether you’re looking for professionally trained armed or unarmed security guards, we can fulfill all your needs.

You can reach out to us anytime for services such as security guards, tactical security, event security, building protection, fire guard watch, security transportation, foot and vehicle patrols, party bus security, concierge, and construction site security among others.

Can you name some of your clients?2024-02-22T08:08:55+00:00

Tribe Security has the privilege of serving the security needs of a wide range of clients from across industries. Our armed security guards, unarmed security guards, bodyguards, tactical security personnel, foot and vehicle patrol services and other security services have received praise for their professionalism, skills and commitment in and around Chicago.

American Basketball Association and Royal Heir Entertainment are some of our esteemed clients. Visit our testimonials page also More client names and references are available on request. Give us a quick call.

Do you provide security services for large events?2024-02-22T08:08:59+00:00

We provide security guards and use the latest technology for large events. If you have an upcoming event, get in touch with our office right away for event planning and event security. We collaborate with event managers to plan everything in advance for enhanced safety and security.

Our security guards are well-trained and competent to keep the crowd under control, conduct safety sweeps and protect the event perimeter. If required, our guards are responsive enough to remove the unruly guests so that the event isn’t interrupted.

We offer protection for people as well as properties before, after and during large-scale events.

Do you provide security guards for private events?2024-02-22T08:09:03+00:00

Absolutely. Tribe Security is fully committed to protect and serve all your security needs including security for special events such as weddings, birthday parties, school functions and many more. When planning a private event, it is crucial to take the safety of the attendees into consideration. Our security guards are properly trained to monitor the entrance and exit of these events to ensure enhanced safety and security of all the guests and attendees.

How do security guards treat offenders?2024-02-22T08:09:06+00:00

Our security guards are skilled and trained to deal with any security situation that may arise at a location, site or venue. Most importantly, the act and respond while remaining within the bounds of law. In case there is a situation, the security guards will take well-judged decisions in a bid to protect people and property from imminent danger. Our security guards know exactly how to deal with offenders. If there is a need to detain an offender, the security guard will perform the job while keeping in mind the federal and state laws. If the situation is beyond their control, the guard will call 911 for immediate help from the police.

What sets Tribe Security apart from other security companies?2024-02-22T08:09:13+00:00

You’ll come across multiple security companies. But licensed, reputed and reliable companies are tough to find. Security of people and property is a serious concern. So, you should never settle for just any security company. You should make sure you’ll get what you pay for. There are many companies that underpay their guards and have little or no insurance at all. Working with such companies might compromise the safety of your business. Get in touch with Tribe Security, which is fully licensed and bonded and well-known for its high quality services.

All our security guards are adequately educated, skilled and qualified. They have been expertly trained in areas such as law enforcement, crime prevention, use of firearms, gun laws etc. You can always rely on our security guards feeling confident that they’ll carry out their duties effectively.

What are the qualifications to become a security guard in Illinois?2024-02-22T08:09:18+00:00

To become an unarmed security guard in Illinois, getting your PERC card is a prerequisite. After you have obtained this, you’ll need to complete the 20 hours of security guard training. The qualifications required to become an armed security guard is clearing a 40 hours firearms course. Armed security guards need to renew their license at the interval of every three years. Criminal background checks are a must both for unarmed and armed guards.

What is the cost of hiring a security service in Chicago?2024-02-22T08:09:22+00:00

Let us know what exactly your needs are. Our professionals will make a visit to your site or property for risk assessment. Then, we’ll chart out a plan to improve your safety and security. No matter what level of security you need, you can discuss it with our experts and request a free quote.

Do you provide off-duty police officers?2024-02-22T08:09:27+00:00

Yes. You can contact us for off-duty police officers as well. We understand that the needs for security vary as per specific need. Whether you’re looking for retired or off-duty police officers or military-trained security guards, Tribe Security is always at your service to fulfill your requirements.

Does my business need to provide anything?2024-02-22T08:09:31+00:00

To hire our security guards, you should arrange for their shelter. The guards should have easy access to the fundamental needs – water, electricity and sanitation. If these facilities are not available at your site or location, Tribe Security itself will need to make arrangements for the same. If we make the provision for security guards at your service, the charges will be added to the bill.

Do you offer training programs for security guards?2024-02-22T08:09:35+00:00

Tribe Security is a reputed and full-fledged security company. We offer accredited security training courses for aspirants. There are multiple training programs to choose from, as per your need. All our courses and programs are expertly designed and offer great value for candidates.

Do you provide 24-hour security services?2024-02-22T08:09:39+00:00

Tribe Security fulfills your security needs round the clock. Whether you are looking for day shift or night shift security guards, we remain committed to protect your business, properties and assets. Our night security guards buildings and its occupants in a safe and effective manner.

The guards can patrol on foot or in a car to scan and protect the perimeter of the building or property. Tribe Security offers a full range of security services to fit in with your unique needs. Whether you need static guards, vehicle patrol, crowd control or emergency security, you can feel confident that we’ll exceed your expectations. Feel free to ring up our office or send us an email for an obligation-free quote.

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