The purpose of hiring a fire watch security service is to keep properties, business places and worksites protected from the dangers of fire. Fire watch security guards are trained in keeping a close watch on all areas of a property and immediately report an occurrence of fire on the premises.

If you operate a business or workplace which has a high risk of fire-related incidents, using the services of fire watch security guards will enhance your protection against different types of fire hazards.

At work sites, the fire alarm system may malfunction or the water sprinkler system may not function properly. Such incidents can put the lives of people and properties in grave danger. Having a fire watch guard on-site will save you from this danger.

At Tribe Security, we offer specially trained fire guards and security officers to keep a vigilant eye over your business properties and reduce the risks of fire as well as perform a wide range of other duties.

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Duties that Our Fire Watch Guards Perform

  • System Surveillance
  • Safety Permit Compliance
  • Keeping Fire Watch Logs
  • Emergency Evacuation

System Surveillance

The fire watch guard will continuously conduct foot patrols through your entire property. They’ll keep an eye out for any kind of potential fire hazard that may arise in your commercial building or work site.

If they spot an issue or a safety concern, they’ll immediately sound the alert, communicate the same to other officers or get in touch with the fire department.

Safety Permit Compliance

It is the duty of business owners to comply with the rules and terms of the safety permit. The fire watch security guard will take care of all the conditions that need to be followed in this regard.

They will ensure at all times that the fire alarm system and equipment are easily accessible and the entry and exits to your property are clear for movement. In this way, the security officer will also help you avoid the hefty penalty for violation of safety norms.

Keeping Fire Watch Logs

Keeping fire watch logs on a regular basis is a crucial part of a fire watch guard’s day-to-day role. The fire watch guard you hire from our security company will document all the key findings related to the fire alarm system as they patrol every floor and area of your property. The guard will also share these details with the senior management in real-time.

Emergency Evacuation

Apart from reporting and addressing the fire-related issues, the fire watch guard is also specially trained to evacuate the occupants of a building to safety in the event of an emergency.

Talk to Our fire watch Security Professionals

Give our office a phone call or send us an email to consult with our security experts and find out how we can assist you. Our fire watch services are available to businesses and property owners in the Chicago area, Illinois.

Do You Need a Fire Watch Security Service?

Fire watch services are a must for construction sites and commercial buildings with a non-functional fire alarm system. In fact, any business that remains exposed to the risk of fire from electrical appliances, heating equipment and chemicals should hire fire watch services for round the clock monitoring of their properties and assets.

As a leading security guards company, Tribe Security remains committed to providing the highest standards of fire watch services.

Our fire watch guards work with a wide range of clients throughout the greater Chicago area. In case of a fire alarm system failure, you can always rely on our security guards and officers for the best service. Fire watch services are specially designed to help businesses and building owners to prevent a fire accident from happening.

The fire watch guard constantly monitors every area of the property for fire hazards such as unexpected electrical sparks, combustive items placed near heat sources and fire from different kinds of electrical appliances for taking action before something unfortunate happens.

The guards also make sure your fire suppression system works properly. Deploying fire watch security guards at your property or construction site will enhance your protection against various fire hazards and give you peace of mind.

We offer exceptional fire watch services to a wide range of businesses and commercial property owners in and around the greater Chicago area.

Each of our clients is assigned an account manager who serves as the link between the client and the fire department. The account manager will communicate with the fire department and ensure that all the fire safety codes are properly complied with. So, you don’t have to worry about all those fire safety terms and regulations.

At Tribe Security, we have worked on a wide range of fire watch projects. That is why we understand that the specific needs for fire watch may vary from one client to another.

Even if the need for fire watch services at your property arises at the last minute, feel free to reach out to use. Our security guards and security officers are always on their toes to be dispatched to any location so that your last minute fire watch security needs can be fulfilled and your safety can be ensured.

In the majority of the cases, you can expect the fire watch guards to reach your location within 1-2 hours. Also, we are ready and willing to take up short-term security projects. If you want to hire our fire watch guards for a limited time only, you can be confident to get the same exceptional quality that our clients with long-term needs receive

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