Tribe Security offers full-service tactical security detail for individual, property and asset protection. We offer customized security, security officers that you can rely on for total peace of mind.

We are Native American owned and believe in reliability, transparency, and ultimate customer service. Our security guards proudly serve corporate, private, and industrial clients of all operational sizes and located throughout the greater Chicago area.

Whether you require armed or unarmed security personnel, mobile or on-foot, our security guards are ready to protect what you hold dear. Each of our experienced male and female security personnel are highly trained and prepared to protect your family, property, and assets.

Tactical Security guard in Chicago, IL

Our Chicago Area Most Common Tactical Security Services

  • Security Officers
  • Asset Protection & Recovery Officers
  • Rescue and Evacuation Teams
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Secure Transportation
  • Armed Response Security Guards
  • Security Patrol and Alarm Response
  • Personalized Tactical Security for Unique Situations

Security Officers

Our tactical guards are trained and experienced with all types of armed and unarmed security situations. We provide customized services for banks, apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and more.

Asset Protection & Recovery Officers

Hire our tactical security guards to protect your most valuable assets. We also provide asset investigation and recovery services. Our armed security protection guards are trained and experienced to assess and respond to all threats. You can remain confident that your assets will be protected by highly trained ambassadors, each hand-selected to provide top-notch security against terrorism and other forms of illegal activity. When you need assets protected, including people, property, and reputation, you are encouraged to call Tribe Security in Chicago, Illinois.

Rescue and Evacuation Teams

Our emergency rescue and evacuation teams are trained to act at a moment’s notice to bring a safe and timely resolution to any emergency response scenario. Our tactical security personnel are trained to assess risks and mitigate potential losses while coordinating additional response actions with the appropriate local responders. When rescue and evacuation are the order of the day, our tactical security officers are ready to act in your best interests.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Our armed tactical security officers will identify critical infrastructure assets and prioritize all available resources for complete protection. Each of our tactical guards can identify vulnerabilities and devise methods for fortifying the protection plan to mitigate any existential threats. If you require critical infrastructure protection, our security guards can give you the security services you can always trust.

Secure Transportation

Get from Point A to Point B with the tactical security you deserve. Our experienced protective service drivers are trained to expertly handle SUVs and sedans, as well as eco-friendly hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. We can even provide real-time tracking using GPS and CCTV cameras for convoy vehicles and armed convoy protection for high-value assets.

Armed Response Security Guards

Our armed tactical response teams offer an effective deterrent to vandals and burglars. We can protect critical infrastructure and maintain safeguards against illegal entry. We can provide event security and secure the perimeter with foot and mobile patrols.

Security Patrol and Alarm Response

We can provide both mobile and foot patrol officers, as well as gate shack guards for your ultimate convenience. Each of our security guards is vetted, trained, and depended upon to provide transparent and reliable security patrol and alarm response when you need it most. With any patrol and alarm response, time is of the essence. That is why our security guards are trained to act quickly and resolutely in the face of any threat for your total satisfaction.

Personalized Tactical Security for Unique Situations

Our security officers are responsive and can adapt to any situation. We also value transparency, which means you will be furnished with full reports detailing all occurrences and encounters. This means that you can remain confident that your security guards are acting in your best interests and that your asset and security protection is always in the best of hands.

Whether you require residential and commercial area protection, surveillance and investigations, mobile and foot patrol services, event security, high rise security, or any other tactical detail, we are ready to serve you.

Call now and ask about our customized solutions, where we can tailor a tactical security plan to suit any need, asset, or situation. If you need protection, Native-American owned Tribe Security can help.

Hire The Best Tactical Security Officers

Your tactical assignment will be planned and managed by highly trained and experienced tactical security officers. Each has been thoroughly vetted for employment with stringent criminal history, reference, and background checks, in addition to drug testing. Your guards have also passed our tactical security training program, ensuring they can adapt to any situation while keeping your interests safe and protected.

How Can Our Tactical Security Services Protect You?

Our security personnel is expertly trained in such disciplines as the use of force, counter-surveillance, and patrol procedures. The very presence of armed or unarmed security can be an excellent deterrent to crime and vandalism. During times of tension or violence, our tactical security guards will work to diffuse the situation, only acting with force when absolutely necessary.

Your interests and the safety of your property and person will become our primary goal as the situation is brought under control. Of course, in keeping with our value of complete transparency, you will receive full reports of all instances and occurrences following each tactical security assignment.

For asset protection, armed response, security patrol and critical infrastructure protection, we are the tactical security service to call. Our security personnel are standing by and ready to protect you, your assets and property in Chicago, Illinois. Call now to get a free estimate.

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